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5 Easy Ways To Fight The Aging Process

by Bobby

Many people turn to topical creams, lotions, oils, and other beauty products to combat the effects of aging. Although advances in cosmetic technology have increased the use of these items substantially, looking and feeling younger is best achieved by focusing on what’s inside of the body rather than by applying the latest miracle wrinkle cream to the skin. Those who have achieved longevity have several things in common, and experts in the field of geriatrics agree that an overall healthy lifestyle is important for those who want to remain active and happy well into their golden years.

Here are five things that can help to maintain a youthful appearance as well as a sharp mind.

1. You Are What You Drink

Keeping well-hydrated is an important step in maintaining optimal levels of good health. The adage involving drinking eight full glasses of water per day still applies, and may even do more for the appearance of the skin than daily applications of the most expensive skin cream. Water isn’t the only liquid that should be consumed on a regular basis, though. Heart-healthy red wine enjoyed in moderation is recommended by many physicians, and pomegranate juice is said to have anti-aging properties as well. Black, green and white tea all contain large amounts of antioxidants, and freshly squeezed juices of all kinds can contribute substantially to necessary vitamin levels.

2. You’ve Got to Keep Moving

Exercise is good for the heart, lungs, and spirit. Whether it’s tending a small flower or vegetable garden or, walking the dog around a local park frequently or lab swimming in a pool, regular exercise will improve both cardiovascular health and mental and emotional outlook. Physical exertion activates endorphins, which play a key role in mood and attitude. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous in order for benefits to be realized, and outdoor activity can provide necessary amounts of vitamin D as well as guard against Seasonal Affective Disorder.

3. Keeping Mentally Fit is Important Also

One of the best anti-aging devices can be found as easily as opening the daily newspaper. Crossword and Sudoku puzzles are great ways to keep the mind active and flexible. After the puzzles are completed, reading the newspaper will keep seniors current on world and local events and increase their level of interest in the world around them.

4. Eat Healthy Food

It’s just as easy to eat healthy meals than to consume foods that have negative health consequences. Routinely including wild salmon in the diet is highly beneficial to all human organs, and anything containing omega-3 oils can give the skin a healthy glow. Fruits and vegetables have health benefits also, along with whole grains and lean cuts of meat. Diet is one of the most important factors in looking and feeling younger as well as living to an advanced age.

5. Keep Connected With Others

Socializing may be regarded as a frivolous pastime by some, but those who remain connected with friends and family are likely to live longer as well as look and feel younger. Regular contact with other human beings can help prevent a decline in cognitive reasoning and may even delay the onset of dementia. Those who live in areas apart from family members and friends often fulfill their social interaction needs by participating in activities offered by local senior centers.

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