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5 Top Dental Procedures to Seek from a General Dentist

by Bobby

Care of one’s teeth and gums is an important part of being healthy overall. Patients frequently visit general dentists for help with common tooth problems. While helping people keep their natural teeth is general dentistry’s top priority, that’s not all they do. General dentists are the first line of defense against oral health issues, therefore regular checkups are essential. Before your general dentistry Springfield, VA visit, here are five treatment options you can get.

Tooth Extraction

A general dentist will extract a tooth that has decayed so severely that it cannot be salvaged. A tooth that becomes impacted after repeated attempts to erupt through the gum is unsuccessful and is usually extracted. Dentists can also pull stubborn wisdom teeth that are causing discomfort.

To extract a tooth that is visible above the gum line, the dentist will first numb the area, then loosen the tooth’s hold on the bone, and then take the tooth out. Minor oral surgery involves extracting a tooth that has become infected under the gum.


Fillings in teeth can repair damage caused by decay and wear. Additionally, they can be used to repair teeth that have been broken. A dentist’s first order of business when a patient comes in complaining of tooth pain is to examine the affected tooth or teeth for any evidence of decay or damage. They do this by a combination of a visual examination and X-rays. If the dentist finds that the tooth needs a filling, the problem is solved.

Once the tooth is numbed, the decayed inner tooth tissue can be extracted using a dental drill. The tooth will be completely cleaned with water, and then a filling will be placed to prevent additional decay. During the visit, you and your dentist will talk about the many filling options available at the clinic. You can choose between fillings composed of gold, silver, porcelain, and dental resin.

Dental Crowns

If a tooth has been significantly damaged due to disease or trauma, a crown can restore its function and appearance. When a tooth is badly broken, the only solution is to cover it with a crown. In addition to their primary cosmetic use, they can also be used to hide away unflattering characteristics. Crowns are often made in a dental laboratory, so patients typically need to schedule two appointments with their dentist. Some family dentists, however, have in-house crown fabrication capabilities, making it possible for patients to have their crowns placed at a single appointment.

Dental Implants

To replace lost teeth, dental implants are the most reliable and long-lasting option. To replace missing teeth, dentists might surgically implant tiny titanium posts into the jawbone. Dental implants are a lasting solution for absent teeth, but getting them implanted might take a while and require numerous visits to the dentist. Dental implants give crowns and dentures a secure, natural fit and feel.


Brackets help move teeth into a better position, improving both appearance and hygiene. Bad bites can make it difficult to eat and speak, thus they are also used to fix those problems. Nearly eighty percent of all current orthodontic treatment is performed on patients under the age of eighteen.

Dentist visits and procedures are very safe. The use of anesthetics has made getting dental work done a painless experience. Whatever the case may be, you may rest assured that your general dentist has seen it and fixed it before. Please contact Advantage Dental Care and make an appointment with a dentist to discuss your dental health and get the care you need.

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