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6 Tips to Quicken Your Wound Healing

by Bobby

Speed up wound healing with these 6 tips. Get back to health faster with expert advice for a quicker recovery.

Most people will suffer from a burn, tear, or cut at some point in their lives. Additionally, although some injuries are minor and readily treated at home, others need specialized care. If you have a non-healing or slow-healing wound, you may need expert wound care Warner Robins to help you get back to good health.

If you want to hasten the healing process and prevent any additional difficulties, knowing exactly what to do to take care of your wound is critical. Here are tips to fasten your wound healing;

1.   Do not get your wound wet in the shower or bath

This keeps the incision too moist and increases the risk of germs entering the wound from other regions of your body. Use a cast or other type of wound protector to keep your wound dry, or cover the area with Press-N-Seal plastic wrap, then put a kitchen garbage bag over the wound or dressing. It is advised to take a sponge bath if you cannot cover your wound.

2.   Clean your wound

You must make sure that your wound is always kept clean. This protects your skin from microorganisms that can aggravate it. Alcohol and soap are a couple of the things to stay away from. Make use of only pure, distillation-purified water. 

3.   Change the dressing

You should change the dressing at least once per day. When changing the dressing, thoroughly clean the wound, place the sterile bandage, and wash your hands before you begin. If the wound bleeds when touched, emits a yellowish discharge, or appears dark red, consider seeing a doctor while changing the dressing and monitoring the healing process. These indicate unusual wound healing.

4.   Quit smoking

Smoking will greatly impede your wound’s healing. Every cigarette you smoke causes a 40–45% temporary closure of your blood vessels. The blood vessels contract by an additional 40–45% if you smoke an additional cigarette during that period. This deprives the wound of the growth factors and oxygen that are transported by the blood and are essential for wound healing. Every cigarette you abstain from smoking aids in recovery. If you need assistance quitting, speak with your primary care physician.

5.   Control your blood sugar control

Regularly check your blood sugar. Your ability to recover is harmed every time your blood sugar exceeds 140. Watch your diet and take your medications as directed. Ask your primary care physician for advice if your blood glucose level is still too high.

6.   Always cover your wound

Most people ignore this advice because they believe that injuries need to breathe. However, wounds that are left open have a propensity to heal slowly. It is because exposed wounds draw bacteria, germs, and other illnesses, which spread microorganisms and exacerbate the condition. Covering your open wound with a clean bandage is the only way to prevent infectious organisms from contaminating and worsening it. When covering the wound, be careful to disinfect it. By doing this, you decrease the likelihood that it will become infected and speed up its recovery.

The above tips can help to quicken your wound healing. In addition, they help avoid an infection of the wound. The last thing you want is for your injuries to worsen due to inadequate treatment. Call Middle Georgia Vascular Surgery Center & Vein Solutions to book your appointment for wound care.

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