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7 Custom-Made Orthotics Benefits

by Bobby

Discover 7 benefits of custom-made orthotics. Improve your comfort and mobility with personalized support.

Feet are complex structures consisting of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. Any change in your foot structure can negatively impact your general health. As you strive to keep your feet in good condition, investing in orthotics helps. Orthotics are a good option for providing the relief you require for your feet. But are off-the-shelf insoles equally as effective as custom orthotics? Custom-made orthotics wins on many fronts, making them a go-to, especially if you are dealing with feet challenges. Here is why Colorado Springs custom-made orthotics is an excellent pick to resolve more than just your foot pain. 

1.      Provide foot support

 Custom orthotics support the natural foot arches to give you extra stability when you stand and walk. Over-the-counter shoe insoles can also offer support but are not made to fit any specific foot structure. As such, they won’t give you the best balance and support across the whole surface of the foot.  

2.       Reduced pain

 A custom-made insole is made to help with misalignments in foot structure caused by concerns such as arthritis, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis. The misalignment can cause severe pain. This happens because of the increased ankle, knee, and lower back straining. Custom-made orthotics promote healing and recovery without placing undue strain on other joints and body parts. Orthotics can even help deal with foot anomalies such as collapsed arches (pronation) and high arches (supination). 

3.      Tailored to fit your specific needs 

Everyone has a different foot structure, and custom-made insoles will ensure you realize support in the right places. Unlike over-the-counter insoles, custom-made orthotics fit your foot’s shape and contour and facilitates even pressure and weight distribution.  

4.      More comfort 

Custom-made orthotics are designed to fit your specific foot structure, making it more comfortable. The insoles allow you to walk and stand comfortably, making it easier to do more throughout the day. 

5.      Improved athletic performance

 As an athlete, whether young or seasoned, foot anomalies can affect your level of play. With custom-made orthotics, these foot anomalies can be resolved while reducing your risk of injury. 

6.      Increase stability 

A custom-made orthotic will do a better job of stabilizing your foot than an over-the-counter orthotic. For instance, you may be struggling with an injured ligament. By stabilizing the injured ligaments of the foot from being overworked, the healing process will be quicker. 

7.      Better Balance

Maintaining balance is vital, especially considering the injury chances. Custom-made orthotics can reduce the risk of a fall due to imbalance. This is because they allow you to move more freely while maintaining stability and support.

Misaligned feet, either as a congenital anomaly or injury, can impact your mobility and quality of life. You can experience pain that makes it hard to go about your day. Turning to custom-made orthotics can help address the concerns and offer the relief you need to efficiently manage your activities of daily living. Contact or visit the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado to learn more about how custom-made orthotics may help you. 

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