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Best Foods to Recover from Dengue Fever | Dengue Home Remedies

by Bobby

Recover from dengue fever with the best foods and home remedies. Boost your health and healing naturally.

Best Foods to Recover from Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is viral influenza that is spread by the nibble of an Aedes mosquito. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is generally known as ‘break bone fever’ as it goes with serious joint torments which exacerbates the condition even. With expanding dengue setbacks as of late, it is imperative to take viable preventive measures for the same. Notwithstanding, in the event that despite everything you get tried positive with dengue, here is a couple of sustenance that will enable you to recuperate from this sickness at the most punctual.


For individuals who are experiencing dengue, Papaya leaves are the best alternative to go for. Simply squash the papaya leaves and crush them to separate the juice. Its concentrate builds platelets tallies as it were. Then again, you can likewise heat up the papaya leaves in water and drink the arrangement. It is perhaps the best home solution for the treatment of dengue fever.


Broccoli is an incredible wellspring of Vitamin K which recovers blood platelets. In the event that there’s a sharp decrease in the platelet tally, at that point broccoli must be incorporated into the everyday eating routine of a dengue understanding. It is likewise rich in cell reinforcements and minerals.


Pomegranate is rich in basic supplements and minerals that give the body the required vitality. Utilization of pomegranate lessens sentiment depletion and weariness. Being a rich wellspring of iron, pomegranate emerges to be very valuable for the blood. It additionally helps in keeping up a typical blood platelet check which is fundamental to recouping from dengue.


Spinach is a rich wellspring of iron and omega-3 unsaturated fats rich nourishment which enhances the resistant framework all things considered. It is a viable method to expand the platelet level check.

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