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Bri Amaranthus Net Worth: A Biography of Resilience, Achievement, and Love

by Mahmood Rehan
Net Worth$1 million
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 1992
Place of BirthGrants Pass, Oregon
ProfessionSports Journalist
PartnerCory Youmans
NationalityUnited States of America

In the world of sports journalism, where breaking news and captivating stories reign supreme, one name that has been making waves is Bri Amaranthus. Born in Grants Pass, Oregon, on January 27, 1992, this 31-year-old sports journalist has taken the industry by storm. Standing at 5’5″ tall, Brianna, affectionately known as Bri, has carved out a niche for herself as a respected and influential figure in the world of sports reporting. With a journey that started as a nutrition assistant and sales associate, she has risen to become a prominent sports reporter, gaining recognition for her work with Sports Illustrated magazine. Let’s dive into the life, career, achievements, and net worth of Bri Amaranthus.

Famous For:

This celebrity is famous for her remarkable journey from being a Bachelor Nation contestant in the 22nd season of the reality show to becoming an Emmy award-winning sports journalist. Bri Amaranthus primarily covers sports in Texas, with a particular focus on news related to the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. However, what really caught the public’s attention was her connection to a historic sports moment when her husband, Cory Youmans, caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball, marking a significant milestone in American League history.

Career & Achievements:

Cory Youmans
Photo by @briamaranthus, Instagram

Bri Amaranthus’s career has been nothing short of impressive. She has achieved numerous milestones during her journey in the world of sports journalism. Here are some notable highlights:

  • Content Creator for Sports Illustrated: Bri is a content creator for the most-viewed team website on Sports Illustrated, consistently surpassing digital traffic goals by an average of 40 percent monthly.
  • Website Traffic Growth: She achieved a remarkable feat by increasing website traffic by 750 percent in 2019 and 500 percent in 2018, a testament to her skill in engaging audiences.
  • Football Season Star: During football season, Bri stands out as the most read/watched reporter, demonstrating her ability to connect with sports enthusiasts.
  • Co-Host of NBC Sports NW’s Prime-Time Show: She has co-hosted NBC Sports NW’s first-ever one-hour daily prime-time show, further establishing her presence in the sports journalism industry.
  • Emmy Award Winner: Her accomplishments also include being an Emmy-winning producer and reporter for the “All-Star Coach” special, highlighting her excellence in reporting and storytelling.
  • Social Media Expertise: Bri has played a pivotal role in developing and implementing social media tactics to help achieve marketing goals. She has managed a team of two social media coordinators and educated staff on social media strategy.
  • Multifaceted Skills: Beyond reporting, she has showcased her versatility by shooting and editing videos, producing live remote sets, and handling various production-related duties.

With such an impressive track record, it’s no surprise that she is a rising star in the world of sports journalism.


Bri Amaranthus’s personal life is intertwined with her professional journey. She began her love story with Cory Youmans in 2018, and their relationship blossomed over the years. The couple decided to take their relationship to the next level when they got engaged in February 2020. Their love story culminated in a beautiful wedding on June 5, 2021, making them a happily married couple. Cory, a successful figure in his own right, works at an investment company that manages over $197 billion worldwide. While his official salary remains undisclosed, it’s safe to assume that their combined financial standing is impressive.

Sources of Income:

Bri’s primary source of income stems from her successful career as a sports journalist. As an Emmy-winning reporter, she commands a minimum annual salary of $100,000. Her association with Sports Illustrated magazine for nearly three years showcases her expertise in covering football and basketball, with a focus on the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. Her previous experience with NBC Sports Northwest, where she started as a digital media producer and later became a social media manager, has further bolstered her credentials.

Cory Youmans, her husband, also contributes to their financial well-being as the Vice President of an investment company managing over $197 billion worldwide. While the exact figures of his salary are undisclosed, his role in a reputed organization suggests a substantial income.

Net Worth Figure and Rankings:

Bri Amaranthus’s estimated net worth is an impressive $1 million, primarily attributed to her successful career as a sports journalist. Her journey started in 2018 when she was promoted to NBC Sports Northwest’s show, “The Bridge,” where she got her first taste of being a reporter.

On the other hand, her husband, Cory Youmans, boasts a reported net worth of $25 million. The couple’s combined net worth reflects their shared financial achievements, further solidifying their position in the world of success and prosperity.

Lifestyle and Expenses:

With their substantial net worth, Bri and Cory undoubtedly enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. They have the means to indulge in the finer things in life and experience the perks that come with success. However, like any responsible individuals, they likely manage their expenses wisely and plan for their financial future. This includes considerations for investments, savings, and financial security, ensuring that they can continue to enjoy their preferred lifestyle while building wealth for the long term.

Controversies/Financial Challenges:

One notable moment of controversy in Bri Amaranthus’s life was her husband, Cory Youmans, catching Aaron Judge’s historic 62nd home run ball. The home run marked a significant milestone in American League history, as Judge surpassed Roger Maris’ record from 1961. The ball’s estimated value is a staggering $2 million, and Cory’s catch was broadcasted widely, including his enthusiastic high-fiving with fellow fans.

Even Judge himself chimed into the conversation, expressing a desire to get the ball back. However, acknowledging that it was a souvenir for a fan, Judge recognized the fan’s right to it. Cory Youmans, the lucky fan in question, has received offers to purchase the valuable baseball.


In conclusion, Bri Amaranthus’s journey from her roots in Oregon to becoming a prominent sports journalist and Emmy award winner is truly inspirational. Her impressive career achievements, coupled with her husband Cory Youmans’s financial success, have contributed to an estimated net worth of $1 million for Bri and $25 million for Cory.

As a sports reporter, content creator, and social media expert, Bri’s influence continues to grow, solidifying her position in the world of sports journalism. Her remarkable journey and her husband’s involvement in a historic sports moment demonstrate the power of passion, dedication, and love for sports. With a bright future ahead, the couple is set to continue making waves in the world of sports and beyond.


1. Who is Bri Amaranthus?

Bri Amaranthus, widely recognized as the wife of Cory Youmans, is a 31-year-old sports journalist from Grants Pass, Oregon. Her remarkable journey, which began in the roles of a nutrition assistant and sales associate, has led to her becoming an Emmy award-winning sports reporter, gaining immense recognition in the industry.

2. Who is Amaranthus husband?

Bri Amaranthus’s husband is Cory Youmans, a successful individual in his own right. He is known for his role as the Vice President in an investment company that manages over $197 billion globally.

3. Who caught Judges 62?

Cory Youmans, the husband of sports journalist Bri Amaranthus, was the fortunate individual who caught Aaron Judge’s historic 62nd home run ball. This memorable catch took place at the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field.

Featured Image Credits: @briamaranthus/Instagram

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