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Commonly Asked Questions About Diabetic Foot Ulcers

by Bobby

Diabetes has been one of the leading health concerns in the current medical field. After people have diabetes, they are likely to suffer from other health conditions. One of the common conditions suffered is foot wounds. The condition is painful, and people are at a higher risk of infections and risk amputation. To control these risks, every diabetic person should seek treatment after developing foot ulcers. Diabetic foot care The Woodlands has been proven the best solution to solve these problems. The following are the most troubling questions people have about diabetic foot ulcers.

Should I worry about it if it does Not Hurt?

One of the common side effects of having diabetes is that the person loses the sense of sensation in the hands or feet. In most instances, diabetic people may fail to feel the injury. Since most people believe they should visit the hospital when they have pain, they are in a dilemma about whether to seek treatment without experiencing pain. The truth is you should visit the specialist since the condition could worsen even when you don’t feel pain.

Why Don’t Diabetic Wounds Heal?

This is one of the common concerns among people. In most instances, diabetic people are likely to suffer from peripheral neuropathy. This is where they lose the sensation in their feet and hands because of having extended periods of elevated blood sugar. This could make the person fail to note the wound and not it when it has already worsened. Moreover, elevated blood sugar levels interfere with healing.

Which is the Common Wound among Diabetic People?

The most common wound these people are likely to develop is a diabetic foot ulcer. The person having this condition is likely to suffer from a deep sore or a break in the skin. Cuts likely cause foot ulcers from rubbing shoes that do not properly or minor scrapes. It is critical to visit the specialist as soon as you trace them.  

Which Socks Should A Person Wear?

Some people are cautious about everything they do when they have a wound on their foot. When you have a wound, it is advisable to avoid wearing socks. For the wound to heal effectively, the person is supposed to eliminate exposing any pressure to the wound. The person should consider using a wheelchair, crutches, or walking boots. After the wound is healed, you should be cautious with your shoes to prevent the wound from returning.

Should a Person Expose the Wound to Air to Heal?

Some people have been told that they should expose the wound to air if they want it to heal faster. However, this is one of the most misleading statements. Exposing the wound to the air will increase the risk of a person suffering from an infection. Moreover, exposing it would make it dry, delaying the healing process. You should cover the wound with the bandage until it heals.

Have you had a diabetic foot wound that is not healing despite applying different measures? You should not give up since Foot and Ankle Specialists are here to help you. The facility has been helping diabetic people with wounds that have failed to heal to recover. The specialists will diagnose your condition and offer the right treatment. They will also advise you on measures to prevent the condition from recurring. Visit the facility to mark the end of our suffering.

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