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Coping with Hair Loss: Natural-Looking Wigs Offer Fashionable Alternatives

by Bobby

For women suffering from hair loss — due to medication, illness or overstyling — personal appearance is more than a minor detail. It is a traumatic event that profoundly affects the way they see themselves, according to wig fashion expert Colleen Cheney.

More women are turning to wigs and hair pieces, both to enhance their image and feel more like themselves again, says Cheney, VP of Merchandising for Paula Young and Especially Yours, divisions of Specialty Catalog Corp. — the nation’s leading supplier of quality wigs and hair pieces.

“Hair is absolutely critical to a woman’s self image,” she asserts. “I have a file full of letters from women telling me how our product has changed their lives.”

No longer the stiff-looking helmets of the past, wigs and hair pieces have become an appealing alternative for women coping with both temporary and permanent hair loss. Fewer wefts, lighter cap construction and softer, finer fibers have made the modern wig more natural looking – and considerably more comfortable. Many wigs also come in sizes for increased comfort and security.

“For women self-conscious about hair loss, wigs and hair pieces are the way to go,” says Cheney. “There’s no reason to walk around feeling ashamed or embarrassed when there are so many beautiful solutions available.”

For those with thinning hair or partial hair loss, hair pieces offer another approach to hair augmentation. The term hair piece has become a catch- all for a diverse family of products, available in both 100% human hair and synthetic fiber. Add-ons, which include clusters, ponytails and buns, are simple, one-step pieces that attach easily to your own hair with a built-in clip. Wiglets provide more dramatic coverage, perfect for adding volume to thinning hair. Hair integration pieces offer even more versatility, blending with your own hair to add volume, body, highlights, or to cover problem areas.

When choosing a wig or a hair piece, it’s important to take into account your own needs. Synthetic, shake-n-go styles require very little care and hold their shape longer, while 100% human hair wigs and pieces offer more styling versatility, and can be treated just like your own hair – even taken to your stylist for a custom cut and color. In the end it just comes to you for your choice.

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