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Getting Color Back to Its Roots

by Bobby

“My extended vision of the future is taking greater advantage of one’s natural attributes, rather than overlooking them,” says Justine Beech, Director of Color for Gavert Atelier hair salon in Beverly Hills and specialist in hair health.

Hair coloring is mainly tailored around personal factors such as age, lifestyle or desired maintenance. How old we are, how we live, how much time we want to spend caring for our personal appearance – these are the factors that determine how color should be selected.

For spring, Beech is forecasting simplicity. Instead of drastically altering natural hair-color, she prefers to stay close to natural color by going one or two levels from it, or she enhances natural color by adding high shine through clean and color glosses. Other options are adding a few highlights through bally age (hand-painting) for a “tone on tone” effect, or choosing “true tones,” colors which are neither too ash, nor too warm, and include coppery golden-reds and golden-blondes.

With greater simplicity, there is less overall maintenance. Rather than have clients spend long hours at the salon, Beech recommends they come in on their lunch breaks to get quick services, specifically to give their hair luster and greater shine. “With the weather warming up, women want to stay more outside, and spend less time indoors taking care of their hair,” she explains.

Create Hairs Beauty

According to Beech, age plays a decisive role in determining how she colors each client. For girls in their teens, Beech strives for the utmost simplicity, sticking to hand-painted “tone on tone” highlights around the hairline and crown, rendering shine with clear glosses, or infusing warmth with mild, non-ammonia color glosses.

For women in their 20s she aims for more dramatic effect, altering natural hair color with ammonia color glosses and additional highlighting. Beech covers grey hairs for women in their 30s, while keeping hair-color close to the natural tone and adding warmth. If desired, she also adds light and accents through bally age.

For women over 40, Beech addresses thinning and graying hair..For better results grey hair can be covered by selecting a base color closer to their natural tone and then highlights can be added to give more dimension

She also uses non-ammonia conditioning color glosses to create body, lock in color, and thicken and fortify weakened hair.

According to her, for everyone to reassess their looks spring is the perfect time to prepare them for coming summer. The world id filled with ideas but those are great which draw out innate natural beauty and accent it as much as possible.

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