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How to Better Manage Your Arthritis When In The Office

by Bobby

When you have arthritis, there is a debilitation of the cartilage of your joints due to aging, harmful use, injury, underlying diseases, infections, or the normal process of wear and tear. Degenerative joint disease, also called osteoarthritis, is a severe and widespread form of Edmond arthritis. That form of arthritis is synonymous with cartilage loss, bone overgrowth, and bony growth on the bone’s edge. As a result, the bones sitting beneath your cartilage rub against each other, causing motion loss of the joint, inflammation, and discomfort. Degenerative arthritis often affects your knees, hips, lumbosacral spine, cervical, and feet.

Since you have arthritis, you will find it challenging to work and be highly productive. That is why some people may end up leaving or finding a job that enables them to work within the limitations of the painful condition. However, you do not have to abandon your job; you can remain productive and healthy by better managing your condition. Subsequently, the tips below may help you work with less arthritis pain.

Set up an ergonomically correct workstation

The goal of having such a workstation design is to ensure your neck, arms, wrists, hands, and spin are not in uncomfortable positions that can worsen your joint pain. Your body posture must often remain neutral to reduce the discomfort or pain of a stiff and inflamed joint.

So that you sit and work without putting a lot of pressure on your joints, your workstation must have:

●       An adjustable chair with an S curve for the resting of your back.

●       An adequately set height of the desk, allowing stress-free use of the computer.

●       An ergonomic keyboard and a mouse that is comfortable to handle and use.

Regularly change your posture

Avoid sitting or standing for a prolonged period and in the same position. A potential solution is to try and find time to move around and change your posture after every half an hour. That can assist your joints in not getting too stiff and inflamed since they do not have to deal with stress constantly.

Use an adjustable desk allowing sitting and standing

Your workstation setup should allow you to work while standing and sitting. The idea is that you do not stand or sit for too long and encourage stiffening joints.

However, unless you are the boss, you may have to take a medical note from your health provider to convince your boss to provide you with that kind of desk in the office.

Rest your feet above the ground

Feet spending a lot of time resting on the ground only attracts more exertion of pressure on your joints and swelling due to the force of gravity. Ensure your feet stay elevated; you can use a footrest.

Use slightly bigger pencils and pens

A pen or pencil that is small and slender makes it difficult for the hand to hold, and thus with an uncomfortable grip, joints are under more pressure causing stiffness and pain. A slightly bigger pencil or pen provides a better grip that does not stress the joints in your hand.

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