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How Your Home Security System Pays For Itself

by Bobby

Installing a home security system is a no-brainer for a number of reasons.  First, it’s one of the most effective ways to help bolster the safety of the people and things you love.  Second, it’s a smart investment that literally pays for itself in the long run. Want some hard facts? Every 13 seconds, burglars break into a home in the U.S., according to the FBI.  More than 2 million burglaries are reported every year.  The average losses experienced by victims of home burglary total more than $2,000.  Compare that figure with the price of installing a home security system in your home and preventing the hassle in the first place, and the investment is already starting to prove its value.  Here’s another number you should know: Homes protected by some kind of security system are as much as 300% less likely to become targets for crime.

But there are even more numbers to consider: A house fire breaks out in the U.S. every 85 seconds, and the Insurance Information Institute estimates the average cost per claim to be more than $30,000.  In some states, that number reaches $90,000 or more.  Many home security systems include an option to install smoke and heat detectors.  That can help address fires quickly, which could help prevent costly property damage claims such as these and help save the lives of the people you love.

Best Safety feature For Home Security

Another safety feature of many home security systems is flood detection.  Water damage and damage caused by freezing pipes cost U.S. homeowners almost $7,000 in claims every year.  You can help prevent overwhelming expenses such as these in your home by installing flood and freeze sensors with your home security system.

So for a few dollars a month, it’s easy to see how a home security system pays for itself by helping to reduce your chances of throwing thousands of dollars down the drain for damage that could easily have been prevented.  Plus, you’ll also likely shave a couple of bucks off your home insurance premium by installing these safety devices.

Most top providers offer big rewards for homeowners who have invested in home security and other smart safety precautions.  Here are just a few examples of discounts you could qualify for just by installing a system in your home:

  • Up to 5% for fire and smoke detectors if your devices are fully functional and in compliance with your provider’s requirements. Fire extinguishers could also help you qualify for even more savings.
  • Up to 10% for alarm systems if you’ve got a functioning local or monitored security system.
  • Up to 20% for having a 10-year claims-free streak and a clean claims history.

The bottom line: If you haven’t invested in home security, you’re vulnerable to a long list of perils that could wipe out your bank account. Compare the long-term costs of installing these smart lines of defense against paying devastating repair costs for property damage you could have prevented – it’s easy to see how a home security system is a smart investment that pays for itself.

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