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Ken Goldin Net Worth: The King of Collectibles

by Mahmood Rehan
Net Worth$200 million
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1965
Place of BirthVoorhees, New Jersey
SpouseJennifer Goldin
NationalityUnited States of America

In the world of sports memorabilia and collectibles, one name stands out prominently – Ken Goldin. With a lifelong passion for collectibles, Ken Goldin has not only made a name for himself but has also amassed significant wealth through his ventures. This article delves into the life and career of Ken Goldin, exploring his net worth, family, and the sources of his income.

Short Bio – Famous For

Ken Goldin, born on August 18, 1965, in Voorhees, New Jersey, is a renowned American businessman. He is famous for his pioneering work in the sports memorabilia and collectibles industry, notably as the founder of Goldin Auctions, a leading collectibles marketplace.

Career & Achievement

Ken Goldin’s journey in the world of collectibles began at a young age when, at just 13 years old, he started selling baseball trading cards. This early entrepreneurial spirit not only funded his college expenses but also laid the foundation for his future success.

Goldin’s foray into the collectibles market continued with the establishment of Score Board Inc., where he and his father, Paul, created autograph contracts with players for autographed trading cards. While his early venture met with success, Goldin later stepped away from Score Board Inc., just a year before the company filed for bankruptcy.

Undeterred by setbacks, Ken Goldin remained connected to the world of memorabilia sales, making appearances on television. He saw an opportunity in the market following the 2008 Recession and, in 2012, founded Goldin Auctions. His keen insight led to significant success, with the auction house reportedly earning $800,000 in sales during its first year of operation.

Goldin’s business model involves taking a 20 percent cut of each final sale, contributing significantly to his wealth. By May 2021, he had already amassed a net worth of $200 million, primarily driven by his influence in the sports collectibles auction world. The success of Goldin Auctions continued to soar, with reported sales of $300 million in 2022, a remarkable increase from $101 million in 2020.


Ken Goldin daughter
Image from Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Ken Goldin is a family man, married to Jennifer Goldin, and together they have three children. One of his daughters, Laura, even made an appearance in the Netflix series dedicated to his work, “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.”

Sources of Income

Ken Goldin’s primary source of income is his ownership of Goldin Auctions. With a substantial share in the profits generated from collectibles sales, Goldin has built a significant fortune. His expertise in the collectibles market and his ability to identify valuable items have played a pivotal role in his success.

Net Worth Figure and Rankings

As of the most recent estimates, Ken Goldin’s net worth is reported to be more than $200 million. While his company, Goldin Auctions, generates hundreds of millions of dollars, his personal net worth is estimated to be around $55 million. His ranking among business magnates in the collectibles industry is undoubtedly high, given his substantial wealth and influence.

Lifestyle and Expenses

With a net worth of over $200 million, Ken Goldin enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. He has the means to indulge in his passion for collectibles and is known to deal with a wide range of items, from sports memorabilia to Beanie Babies and Pokémon cards. While he may lead a lavish lifestyle, Goldin’s astute business acumen has allowed him to maintain his wealth and continue to thrive in the industry.

Controversies/Financial Challenges

Despite his remarkable success, Ken Goldin’s career has not been without its share of challenges. His departure from Score Board Inc. and the subsequent bankruptcy of the company was a significant setback. However, he rebounded from this setback and went on to establish Goldin Auctions, where his fortunes soared. While the collectibles market can be unpredictable, Goldin’s ability to adapt and identify valuable items has helped him overcome financial challenges.


Ken Goldin, the King of Collectibles, has built an empire in the world of sports memorabilia and collectibles. With a net worth exceeding $200 million, he continues to make waves in the industry, showcasing his expertise in identifying and auctioning rare and valuable items. Through his business acumen and passion for collectibles, Goldin has solidified his place as a prominent figure in the world of collectibles, leaving an indelible mark on the market.


What is the net worth of Ken Goldin?

Ken Goldin’s net worth is estimated to be more than $200 million, according to recent reports. His substantial wealth is primarily derived from his ownership of Goldin Auctions, a leading collectibles marketplace, where he earns a significant portion of the profits generated from collectibles sales.

How does Goldin make money?

Ken Goldin makes money primarily through buyer’s premiums, charging around 20% on the final hammer price when an item is sold in his auctions. He also earns income from seller’s fees, auction-related services, private sales, their online marketplace, potential investments, and partnerships. These revenue streams contribute to his substantial net worth in the collectibles industry.

How much did Goldin Auctions sell for?

Goldin Auctions achieved sales totaling over $300 million in 2022, a remarkable increase from the $101 million in sales recorded in 2020. This significant growth in sales highlights the company’s success in the collectibles and sports memorabilia market.

Who is the CEO of Goldin Auctions?

The CEO of Goldin Auctions is Ken Goldin, who is also the founder of the company. As the CEO, Ken Goldin plays a pivotal role in the operations and success of Goldin Auctions, which is a prominent marketplace for trading cards, collectibles, and memorabilia.

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