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Nelk Boys Net Worth: From Playful Ventures to Prosperity

by Mahmood Rehan
Net Worth$70 million
Founding Date2010
Country United States
CategoryYouTube Channel, Entertainment Company
ParticipantsKyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, Salim Sirur, Gabriel Poncio, Aaron Steinberg

In the realm of YouTube amusement, one ensemble has skillfully transformed their playful escapades into a flourishing business realm. The Nelk Boys, a YouTube channel and entertainment company rooted in both Canada and the United States, have captivated the affections and interest of myriad global spectators. Their voyage from sharing mischievous videos to constructing a thriving brand is an intriguing narrative worthy of examination.

Who Comprises the Nelk Boys?

The Nelk Boys initially formed as a group of four lifelong pals: Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle, originating from Mississauga, Ontario. Their collective name, NELK, is an acronym formed by the initial letter of each member’s given name. Their odyssey commenced in 2010 when they inaugurated the dissemination of their prank-oriented videos on the YouTube platform. While Nick and Elliot ultimately embarked on separate paths, Lucas and Kyle persevered, guiding the enterprise and entertaining their burgeoning community of admirers.

A Pivotal Moment

In 2015, Nelk attained notable recognition, courtesy of a viral video that transported them to Venice Beach, California. Their audacious stunt encompassed an endeavor to vend “coke” to beachgoers, only to unveil that it was, in fact, Coca-Cola. The prank resulted in a jovial encounter with the local authorities, who uncovered the truth and released them. This video marked the inception of a thriving venture.

Content and Brand Identity

Nelk’s YouTube channel amalgamates elements reminiscent of Jackass-style antics and grandiose fraternity gatherings. Their distinctive catchphrase, “full send,” encapsulates the quintessence of their dauntless approach to life. According to Kyle Forgeard, “full send” conveys the commitment to provide one’s utmost effort in any endeavor. Their content embodies the ethos of collegiate revelry culture, frequently carrying pranks and celebrations on the road.

Nelk Boys members
Image by @nelkboys, Instagram

Financial Monetization

Similar to numerous triumphant YouTubers, Nelk capitalizes on their content through endorsements, merchandise, and their proprietary hard seltzer brand, Happy Dad Seltzer. Nevertheless, in 2020, their channel faced demonetization by YouTube after hosting an in-person gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic, infringing upon the platform’s “creator responsibility” principles. Curiously, this altercation seemed to augment the Nelk brand rather than diminish it.


The financial accomplishments of Nelk are nothing short of extraordinary. According to reports, they amassed a staggering $50 million in revenue from “full send” merchandise sales in 2020, with predictions anticipating $70 million in 2023. Their Happy Dad hard seltzer brand also attained remarkable prosperity. Kyle Forgeard perceives YouTube earnings as trifling in comparison to their latent potential in the beverage industry, signifying their aspirations for even more considerable achievements.

The Nelk Boys’ Controversy

While the Nelk Boys have adeptly managed numerous disputes, a recent incident has entangled them in legal quandaries. They are presently confronting a lawsuit subsequent to a prank on a marijuana delivery driver and a staged counterfeit meth lab occurrence. The outcome of this lawsuit may have implications for their channel and endorsements, constituting a substantial obstacle to their dominion.


The odyssey of the Nelk Boys, progressing from a group of comrades crafting pranks to a multimillion-dollar entertainment label, is a tribute to their ingenuity, tenacity, and knack for pushing boundaries. While controversies have surfaced and subsided, the Nelk Boys have continuously redefined the standards of being YouTube influencers. As they confront their most recent legal challenge, the world waits in anticipation to ascertain whether the Nelk Boys can indeed navigate their way to a triumphant outcome with a resounding “full send.”


How much do the Nelk boys make a year?

Nelk Boys income is said to be around $70 million.

Who is NELK owned by?

Kyle Forgeard is indeed one of the co-founders and owners of NELK. He played a significant role in the group’s formation and their journey to success as content creators, podcasters, and entrepreneurs.

Who are the members of the Nelk Boys?

The Nelk Boys consisted of the following members:

  1. Kyle Forgeard
  2. Stephen “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardis
  3. Salim Sirur
  4. Gabriel Poncio
  5. Aaron “Steiny” Steinberg

What does the Nelk stand for?

The name “NELK” is an acronym that stands for the first letter of the names of its original members: Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle. These four friends founded the group in 2010, and the name “NELK” is derived from their initials.

Featured Image Credits: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

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