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Noah Tepperberg Net Worth: Exploring his Success

by Mahmood Rehan
Net Worth$5 million
Date of BirthAugust 15, 1975
Place of BirthNew York
Height5.8 ft (1.72 m)
PartnerMelissa Wood
NationalityUnited States of America

Noah Tepperberg, the celebrated American businessman born on August 15, 1975, is a name synonymous with the vibrant nightlife and hospitality scene in New York City. Co-founder of the illustrious Strategic Group, Tepperberg’s journey through entrepreneurship has been nothing short of inspiring. His influence extends far beyond the doors of his iconic nightclubs and restaurants like Marquee, Tao, Avenue, and Lavo, as his impact on the city’s social scene is undeniable. In this article, we’ll delve into the life, career, family, net worth, and the remarkable success story of Noah Tepperberg.

Short Bio – Famous For

Noah Tepperberg, a native New Yorker, is best known as the co-founder of Strategic Group, a prominent hospitality and entertainment company renowned for its ownership and operation of some of New York City’s most beloved venues. Growing up in the bustling metropolis of New York, Tepperberg displayed a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and a fervent interest in the world of business from a tender age.

Upon completing his education, Noah wasted no time in translating his passion into action. He co-founded the iconic nightlife and hospitality enterprise, Strategic Group, which would become the pivotal gateway to his remarkable success story. Standing at a confident and well-balanced height of 5 feet 8 inches and with a weight of 73 kg, his imposing presence is a testament to his enduring achievements.

Tepperberg’s journey to success extends beyond his involvement with Strategic Group. He has ventured into various other businesses, including the creation of the widely popular nightlife app, Tablelist. Notably, his entrepreneurial acumen has contributed to amassing a net worth of $5 million dollars, a testament to the tremendous impact he has had on the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Career & Achievements

Noah Tepperberg’s career is nothing short of extraordinary. Together with his partner, Jason Strauss, he serves as the co-CEO of Tao Group Hospitality, overseeing an impressive portfolio of over 70 venues across 20 cities. These establishments include some of the most iconic nightclubs and restaurants in New York City, such as Marquee, Tao, Avenue, and Lavo.

The success story of Strategic Group began in the late ’90s, when Tepperberg and Strauss decided to provide VIP nightlife experiences in various venues. In addition to this, the duo created SMG, an entertainment group that has collaborated with global brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, NASCAR, and Yahoo. Their vision took shape with the opening of Marquee nightclub in 2003 and later extended to TAO at The Venetian in Las Vegas, LAVO Restaurant & Nightclub at the Palazzo in Vegas, and AVENUE in New York.

The brand’s global expansion took off in 2012 with the grand opening of Marquee in Sydney, Australia, marking a significant milestone in Tepperberg’s career. Beyond his nightlife ventures, he has also ventured into the culinary world with Artichoke Basille’s pizzeria chain, boasting five locations and a frozen pizza line distributed in the tri-state area.

Noah Tepperberg’s contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2006, he and Strauss received the prestigious Hospitality Operator of the Year award. In recognition of their accomplishments, the Harvard Business School honored them three years later. Additionally, Tepperberg is a member of the Nightclub Hall of Fame, firmly establishing himself as one of the most influential figures in the electronic dance music industry.


Noah Tepperberg’s personal life reflects his success and happiness. In 2016, he and his partner Melissa Wood celebrated their love at a glamorous ceremony held at the iconic Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Melissa, a model and health and wellness coach, adds a dimension of well-being to their relationship. The couple resides in the vibrant city of New York, where they’ve built a beautiful life together.

Their family expanded with the arrival of two children, creating a warm and nurturing environment within their household. The Tepperberg family epitomizes the perfect blend of personal and professional success.

Lifestyle and Expenses

The Tepperberg lead a life of luxury that matches their accomplishments. Their elegant home in the Upper East Side of Manhattan is a testament to their refined tastes. But it doesn’t stop there; Noah Tepperberg also owns a magnificent Hamptons house. Nestled in one of the most sought-after locations on the East End of Long Island, this residence is a perfect blend of luxury and relaxation. It allows him to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and savor the tranquil ambiance of the Hamptons.

Controversies/Financial Challenges

While Noah Tepperberg’s career has been a triumph, it hasn’t been without its challenges. In 2017, he sold his Manhattan townhouse for $24.5 million, nearly double the amount he paid for it a decade prior. The real estate market can be unpredictable, and Tepperberg’s profit from the sale reflects his acumen in making sound financial decisions.

Net Worth Figure and Rankings

As of the latest estimates, Noah Tepperberg’s net worth is an impressive $5 million. This wealth has been primarily accumulated through his work with Strategic Group and his diverse business ventures. His remarkable journey from co-founding nightclubs to venturing into hospitality and even philanthropy has solidified his position as a prominent and influential figure in the industry.


Noah Tepperberg’s story is one of dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From co-founding Strategic Group and establishing iconic nightlife venues to expanding globally and giving back to society, his journey is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. With a loving family, a luxurious lifestyle, and a net worth that continues to grow, Noah Tepperberg’s legacy extends beyond business. His philanthropic efforts underscore the impact he’s made in both the nightlife industry and the community. Noah Tepperberg’s life is not just about his net worth but the sum of his remarkable achievements and contributions to the world.


1. How old is Noah Tepperberg?

Noah Tepperberg was born on August 15, 1975. As of September 25, 2023, he is 48 years old.

2. Who is the CEO of Tao nightclub?

The co-CEOs of Tao nightclub and the Tao Group Hospitality are Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss. They co-founded the Tao Group and oversee its various venues, including Tao nightclub.

3. Who owns Melissa Wood health?

Melissa Wood, known for her health and wellness coaching, owns and operates her business, “Melissa Wood Health.” She is the founder and face of this health and wellness brand, which focuses on fitness, mindfulness, and overall well-being.

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