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Pearl Earrings Take You to The Attention of The Ear Hole

by Bobby

The slender neck of the person, not suitable to wear too long necklace, because the necklace longitudinal visual stretching effect, will make the long neck appears longer, do not become a “giraffe.” Long neck should choose to wear collar or small exquisite short necklace, this effect will be better.

The slender neck lady wears the imitation silk chain, more exquisite delicate and charming, the whip chain thick mature, suits the older woman to choose. The color of the necklace can be selected as light as possible, which highlights the beauty of the neck and does not make the neck look very long.

Face Type of Person

Round face should not wear collar or beads strung into a large necklace, too many round lines are not conducive to adjust the visual impression of the face. If you wear a long or pendant necklace, you can increase the coherence of your face and neck by using the “V” font angle formed by dangling the necklace. That is, a part of the neck with the face, so that the visual length of the face has changed. A long-face type of person should not wear a necklace or pendant. Because the necklace is formed after the long arc shape, easy to keep the neck and face together and deepen the impression. Wear short and thick necklace, set-style necklace, collar, are more suitable for long face type.

A person of deep complexion, choose carefully when wearing a necklace. Generally, should not wear a light color necklace, because in the light color necklace contrast, skin will appear deeper. If the face is black in yellow, then amber, agate, gold, copper and other colors better. Because the color of these necklaces is yellow, and darker than the skin, this can foil the skin in coordination. If the color is black in red, then gold necklace, black Yao stone necklace, amethyst necklace is more suitable, emerald, emerald and other green necklace will make the skin redder and blacker. In most cases, gold, platinum, and diamond necklaces are easily matched with a variety of colors.

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