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Russell Crowe | Biography, Movies & Facts

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Although a New Zealander by birth, Crowe has made himself into a Hollywood star. He is an actor, director, musician and sings too. He is a very talented actor and which is evident in wide array of his characters. Crowe came to the limelight with the epic role of Maximus in the historical Roman era movie “Gladiator” released in 2000. This role gave him unparalleled fame. He won an Oscar for this role along with other distinctions. He has also won several other awards and distinctions from his other performances throughout his career.

Russell Crowe Net- Worth

Russell has a net- worth of $100 million. He owes it mostly to his acting career which is quite successful.

Russell Crowe Age

Crowe was born on 7 April, 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand. He is now 57 years old.

Russell Crowe Height

Russell is a big guy with bulky body. He is 6 feet tall.

Russell Crowe Family

Russell married to Australian actress Danielle Spencer in 2003 and the couple got divorced in 2018. The couple also has 2 sons.

Russell Crowe Movies

His most famous movie was Gladiator (2000) but the list of his home runs doesn’t stop there. His other major films include A Beautiful Mind (2001), State of Play (2009), Noah (2014), The Nice Guys (2016), The Water Diviner (2014) and many more.

Some Other Questions Asked By People are:

1. What is Russell Crowe’s Real Name?

Russell Ira Crowe is his full name but he goes by Russell Crowe only.

2. Who is Russell Crowe with now?

Currently, Russell Crowe is dating American actor-turned-real estate agent Britney Theriot. Russell and Britney. The couple first met on the set of Broken City in 2013, but have been seen together in Sydney in the last few months.

3. How old is Russell Crowe’s girlfriend?

Russell is 57 but his new girlfriend is around 30 years old.

4. How much did Russell Crowe get paid for Gladiator?

Gladiator was his first major film and subsequently his first big pay day. He was paid $5 million for his role.

5. What did Russell Crowe weigh 2021?

He was last weighed 92 kilograms but he may have gain more weight since.

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