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The Most Important Part of Your Wardrobe

by Bobby

“Elevate your style with the most crucial wardrobe element. Discover its importance today.

Ok, guess- what do you think is THE most essential item in your closet? Great pair of jeans? Wrong. Basic black pumps? Wrong again. It’s an item not many see (or at least hopefully not but no judgment here). It’s your bra silly! Spend $100 if you have to- it’s worth the investment. Why? 1) You wear one every day and 2) if that’s not right, nothing is. So you think this doesn’t apply to you? Wrong AGAIN. I found several sources which claim 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size so PAY ATTENTION. Odds are you’re guilty as charged.

So why not go for a fitting? I read one blogger who said she didn’t want some old lady groping her twins. I’m here to set the record straight. I had a fitting done at Victoria’s Secret and it’s not what you think. If you’re a Sex and the City fan (which I’m guessing most of you are), ixnay the lingerie saleswoman/Miranda scene from your brain. At VS, I kept all of my clothes on and didn’t even need to go into a fitting room. A salesclerk measured my ribcage and then the widest part of my chest. Done! Can you believe it? It took all of two seconds.

Things to Know

Here are some things you ought to know. I was even surprised the first time I heard them.

  1. Your bra should not be held up by your straps. Rather, you should be supported by the band (the part which hooks around your ribcage). If your bra doesn’t stay up on its own, ya know, without its straps, you’re due for a new one.
  2. The piece that rests in between the girls should be flush against your skin. This prevents your bra from rotating side to side.
  3. Because our bras go through the wash and we stretch them when we put them on, it is recommended to buy one size smaller. Not a smaller cup, but a smaller band (i.e. if you’re a 34, get a 32. If you’re a 36, get a 34, etc).

Now finding an appropriate “brassiere” might be easier for those carrying around plums or apples versus grapefruits and melons. I guess the Big Guy had to even it out somehow! 

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