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Tempted by the advertisements of Tenerife and attractive prices, we came to the island with friends. Our hotel was located in the well-known resort town of Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast of the island.

The port and the city were founded at the beginning of the 16th century. Once it was a center of trade and transshipment of goods on the Atlantic routes.

Today, tourism reigns here. The main point of the city is the beautiful Plaza del Charco , surrounded by simple buildings with wooden windows and verandas.

The square overlooks the waterfront and the fishing port. Here, the characteristic element is the figure of a young girl with a basket and a bucket full of Atlantic delicacies.

You can participate in year-round fun here. Dances in fabulously colorful costumes to hot music, which last until dawn. According to our sightseeing plan, the next day

Playa Jardin beach , we came to the Museo Arqueológico . In the seventeenth-century mansion, we saw everyday objects as well as ritual vessels, presenting the culture of the Guanches.

These are the people who inhabited the Canary Islands before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The Pico del Teide volcano , which we went to by bus, made a huge impression on me . The serpentine road is a journey through all climatic zones from the tropics to the Arctic. We reached an altitude of 2400 m above sea level. The piercing wind and cold gave some discomfort. Visibility, however, was excellent. Below was the blue-gray Atlantic with a green belt of crops and forests, with villages and towns.

Pico de Teide volcano 600×408 Visiting Tenerife

Pico de Teide volcano

After such a difficult expedition, we decided to spend the rest of the time on  Puerto de la Cruz beach . We saw the historic 17th century church de Nuestra Seńora de la Peña de Francia , famous for its beautiful, richly decorated altars.

You can also go to the Lago Martianez swimming pool complex   located on the shore of the ocean. There are artificial geysers that gush with great force from artificial rocky islands.

Lago Martianez 600×437 Visiting Tenerife

Lago Martianez complex

The western part of the island is also worthy of your attention. There are winding roads that are impressive. Once we arrive, go down the gorge, where after three hours we reach the ocean.

Then, sailing by ship, we admire the mighty cliffs of Los Gigantes . The tallest of them are 600m high.

Tenerife Los Gigantes 600×420 Visiting Tenerife

Tenerife – Cliffs of Los Gigantes

On the island , we visited  Loro Parque which attracts with the performances of killer whales, an unusual circus of parrots and huge aquariums that make an amazing impression.

Tenerife Loro Parque 600×438 Visiting Tenerife

Tenerife – Loro Parque

Spain tempts us with beaches , evergreen valleys, forests, crystal-clear air coming from the ocean, because … it is an island of eternal summer and is it not worth going there?

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