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What You Might Not Know About Teeth Whitening

by Bobby

Do not worry if you have been trying self-teeth whitening treatments without success. Professional teeth whitening could be just what you need to achieve your perfect smile. It is one of the best-proven ways to enhance the appearance of stained or discolored teeth and your overall smile. The teeth whitening Saratoga specialists utilize the Zoom system, a high-quality technique that effectively and safely puts a sparkle in patients’ smiles. Teeth whitening is so popular, making it prone to misinformation and misconceptions. Here are some teeth whitening facts to enlighten you about the treatment.

Whitening Treatments Works by Absorbing into your Teeth

Your teeth are like sponges in that they absorb substances. Yes! Your teeth have pores like those of a sponge or the pores on your skin. Anything that has color and comes in contact with your teeth can be absorbed, and that is why coffee, wine, smoking, and dark berries are highly active in teeth discoloration and staining. Taking such substances regularly will cause the natural color of your teeth to become darker over time due to the stains. Unfortunately, the stains will never go away unless you make the effort to remove them actively. What teeth whitening treatments absorb your teeth to push the stains out.

It is Natural to Experience Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

Some people have naturally sensitive teeth due to thin enamel, genetics, or damaged or cracked teeth. When you experience sensitivity in your teeth after whitening, understand that it is entirely normal. Note that your teeth will be temporarily dehydrated, decreasing the insulation ability of the nerves from the temperature changes. However, expect the sensitivity to disappear in about 12-36 hours. Your dentist can recommend a post-whitening treatment to promote rehydration in your teeth to fight the sensitivity off.

Teeth Whitening is Not a Miracle Treatment

If you come across any product promising instant teeth whitening results, go for the idea. Understand that no product can whiten your teeth in a few minutes or hours. Chemically speaking, it will take some time for the whitening agent to penetrate deep enough into your teeth and remove the stains. Therefore, teeth whitening can take several days before you achieve optimal results. The best part is that once the stains are gone, it will be easier to prevent them from returning.

Veneers and Cap Cannot be Whitened.

If you have veneers or artificial caps, it is crucial to play it safe and avoid staining as it cannot be reversed. Your dentist will ensure that the devices match the natural color of your teeth, and the color cannot be changed if it darkens. The best part is that it is also challenging for the devices to stain.

Teeth Whitening is Not for Everyone

Everyone deserves a perfect whiter smile. Unfortunately, not all teeth can be perfectly white. Remember that the natural color of your teeth is set at birth. Therefore, a whitening treatment cannot change the natural color of your teeth and will only eliminate the stains and discoloration that have developed over time. But you can never know if the treatment works on you or not unless you try. Just have reasonable expectations.

If you want to make your smile whiter, contact the teeth whitening specialists at Kiran Rapal DDS for help. Schedule an appointment via a call or online to evaluate your options.

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