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What You Should Know Before Getting Botox

by Bobby

Before considering Botox, here’s what you should know. Get informed about the procedure, benefits, and potential outcomes.

Fine lines and wrinkles are expected aging consequences often due to a decline in collagen and elastin production. However, the movement of facial muscles also contributes to the formation of expression lines; some are only visible when you move your face, and others may start to look permanent. The good news is that Botox and fillers Coral Gables can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful appearance.

Botox works by temporarily relaxing facial muscles that cause wrinkles in your forehead and around your eyes. If you are considering getting Botox injections, below are some things you should know.

Bruising is normal

Specialists use a fine needle to inject Botox just below the skin’s surface, meaning it usually does not result in bruising like fillers. However, sometimes a needle may hit a blood vessel and cause bruising. This is usually temporary and fades on its own in a few days. Some providers offer treatment for bruises; for example, they may use a laser to break down the bruise. But with Botox injections, you are more likely to experience redness and swelling at the treatment site than bruising. These side effects typically go away within several hours, and you can resume daily activities but with a few exceptions.

Botox can be a preventative treatment.

Most Botox clients are middle-aged to older men and women trying to eliminate their fine lines. However, many young people in their 20s are starting to receive Botox injections regularly. Even during your younger years, you might already be noticing expression lines. Some of these are only visible when your facial muscles move, but others may be noticeable whether you move your face or not. Botox can be a preventative since it relaxes your muscles; this reduces the movement that creates expression lines and wrinkles.

Therefore, you can start receiving Botox injections during your younger years to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from worsening. That also means you will need to keep up with the treatment to maintain the desired results.

You can combine Botox with fillers.

Fillers contour and add volume to your face and lips. As the name may suggest, these injections fill in lines and wrinkles to revitalize your skin. Your healthcare provider may recommend combining Botox injections with fillers since they cover areas that Botox doesn’t. Combining Botox with fillers also gives you long wear since fillers last between 6 and 18 months.

Results are not permanent.

Botox injections don’t offer permanent results; multiple treatments are usually needed to maintain the effect. These injections typically begin working one to three days after treatment, but it can take up to two weeks for the full effect to kick in. The longevity of Botox effects vary from person to person depending on the injected areas, the number of units used, and Botox quality. Most of the time, results last between three to six months, with the average being four.

In case of complications, you may need to wait until the neurotoxin wears off since Botox is not reversible. Once the neurotoxin wears off, those adverse reactions go away.

For further questions about Botox injections, consult your specialist at Martha Viera Dermatology.

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