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Why Hair Removal Creams are Better than Shaving?

by Bobby

Discover the advantages of hair removal creams. Learn why they outshine shaving for smoother skin.

Wondering how to master the art of manliness with a perfectly groomed body? Perhaps you have always imagined yourself in a clean, smooth look without any prickly stubble after manscaping. Time to live that dream.

Ditch that razor. But how to not shave the balls and still depilate perfectly? Choose a hair removal cream for men, if not for permanent effects yet for a lasting change, especially the long-awaited smooth look.

Here are the many ways in which a good hair removal cream outsmarts shaving.

Long-lasting Depilation

A depilatory cream dissolves and helps remove the unwanted body hair close to the roots. That’s why there is no stubble. Your skin becomes smooth and hair-free. Moreover, the hair grows back late and finer.

Formulations Suited to Your Skin Type

The best depilatory cream for men contains formulations for distinct skin types. So, whether you have normal or sensitive skin, you can get the perfect hair removal cream with an exclusive ingredient like ginseng extract. Using the right product ensures your skin doesn’t get affected.

Manscaping the Gentle Way

The best hair removal cream for men has a spatula for permanent use. It is a gentle tool with flat ends to help you apply the cream to your body. The ends are not sharp so you don’t receive injuries, unlike with a razor. What’s more, a nice spatula has both narrow and wide ends to depilate different body areas— underarms, arms, chest, legs, back, shoulders and even privates.

Quick Grooming

You need to be super careful when shaving and can’t glide away with speed, even if you’re in a hurry. But things get faster with a gentle spatula and depilatory cream. Depending on the hair thickness, you may be done with grooming in just 5 minutes!


Did you know that the right hair removal cream for men can bless your skin with up to 24 hours of hydration? Yes, that’s a bonus! So, you need not worry about dryness or irritation after your at-home grooming session.

Odour-Locking Technology

Oh yes! Ever found that razor helpful in masking odour in the area where you use it? No. But a hair removal cream can rid you not only of unwanted hair but also unpleasant odours with effective fragrance technology. 

Ease of Use

No need to stay on alert as with a razor. It’s very easy to use a depilatory cream. Just grab the spatula. Put some cream on an end. Apply it onto the target area. Let it rest for a while. Glide the spatula opposite to the direction of hair growth. Rinse the area thoroughly. Pat dry. That’s it!

A good hair removal cream is also dermatologically tested safe for use. You only need to ensure choosing the right variety as per your skin type for peace of mind. Before using, just do a patch test on a small body area. Then you’re good to remodel the art of manliness! Now that you’ve seen the multiple pros of using a depilatory over a razor, choose the more effective and safer option!

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