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Why You Should Add Ketamine To Your Pain Management Routine

by Bobby

Discover the benefits of adding ketamine to pain management. Elevate your relief and well-being with this innovative approach.

If you have ever suffered from any debilitating or chronic pain, then you know many pain medications are out there. Some promise to completely cure you, while others merely relieve your symptoms. However, Delray Beach Ketamine treatments have proven to have lasting results in managing chronic pain, and you’re not exceptional. Prolonged use of pain-relief drugs like opioids is fatal, and increasing the dosage typically means increasing side effects. Luckily, Ketamine is a low-dose pain management treatment that is effective for clinical use and has few after-effects. Here is why you should add Ketamine to your pain management regimen.

It is safe and non-addictive

Unlike other pain management medications, Ketamine is safe and doesn’t cause any addiction. Derived from analgesic phencyclidine hydrochloride (PCP), this treatment has only one-tenth the potency of PCP, which has proven secure on the streets.

Nevertheless, ketamine abuse does crop up, but if introduced to your body in small IV infusion doses, it’s a harmless and dependable way to eliminate chronic pain. The treatment doesn’t have withdrawal symptoms similar to opioid medications and is thus considered addiction-free.

It works best during surgeries

Among many other pain medications, ketamine safety makes it recommendable to patients undergoing painful surgeries. The treatment works by blocking pain signals from traveling to the brain. The treatment reduces postoperative pain and the need for opioid medications before surgery. Again, Ketamine is effective for patients whose bodies resist pain medications during surgeries as it offers twice the relief mechanism.

It’s a prevailing medication of its type

Generally, Ketamine is classed as an open-channel NMDA-receptor blocker that restricts functions of the limbic and thalamus systems. It stops some essential sensors in your central nervous system from receiving pain signals. Furthermore, apart from relieving chronic pain, Ketamine is working better in fighting severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It’s a heart-friendly anesthetic

Medically, not every anesthetic favors your immune system since some have severe side effects. Other painkillers may lower your heart activities, reduce your blood pressure or increase your heart rate. Ketamine is remarkable in its ways, offering the exact opposite and increasing the numbers instead. This makes it the ideal alternative for patients who negatively react to other anesthetics.

It is super effective where other pain treatments have failed

Ketamine works wonders where traditional pain management treatments have failed. The analgesic property of Ketamine is unique since the pain-relieving effect is different from traditional medications. Nevertheless, it has also been proven to relieve cancer pain and migraine, which opioid treatments could not neutralize.

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Many patients who have enjoyed ketamine benefits find it relaxing and effective. Each patient’s treatment varies, and in cases of cardiovascular diseases or severe liver illnesses, your doctor may opt not to offer the treatment due to potential contraindications. Immediately after the treatment is provided, you might feel as if you are floating, signifying that your body is reacting to the medications. How instant Ketamine starts to vary with your body condition, and to enjoy total pain relief consider getting follow-up booster incisions.

At Florida Pain Management Institute, a team of dedicated specialists offers Ketamine to help reduce chronic pain and improve your quality of life. Their master-class advanced treatments and friendly personnel will leave you pain-free and ready to function effectively. To book your ketamine treatment session, contact our Florida office right away!

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